300 Win Mag - 200 gr Berger Hybrid


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- 50 Rounds, $3.20/round

- 200 gr Berger Match Hybrid OTM Tactical

- Norma Brass

- Muzzle Velocity:  2,845 ft/sec from a 26" barrel

- These bullets have been pointed.  This produces a higher ballistic coefficient, therefore, producing less vertical dispersion and less wind drift!  It means more hit targets!

- Estimated G7 B.C. = 0.332

- Lot numbers: COLD ZERO Ammunition uses the same lot numbers for each of the following: brass, powder, primers, and bullets.  This creates highly consistent ammunition.  In addition, our processes, procedures, and tolerances are held to the highest of standards.  Every round is hand loaded.  In addition, every loaded round is visually inspected by hand, every time!