6.5 SAUM Norma Brass


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100 pieces of 6.5mm SAUM Norma Brass

This is not loaded ammunition.

This started as 7mm SAUM Norma Brass. It has been necked down to a 6.5mm SAUM. This brass is an exceptional value based upon the work involved to process it. I have outlined the process below. This brass is ready to load.

- full length resize and neck down step 1
- full length resize and neck down step 2
- expand internal neck diameter to 0.263"
- trim, chamfer, and debur
- ultra sonic clean
- anneal
- turn necks (0.015" thickness)
- full length resize including necks
- ultra sonic clean
- dry media tumble (this helps 'coat' the internal neck so the neck tension on the bullets behaves similarly like carbon fouling on fired brass does, this helps reduce velocity spreads)
- weight sorted within 1%.