Custom Ammunition

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Custom Ammunition - Our Load Development Process

- We consult with the client to discuss the purpose and requirements desired.

- The client will ship their modern scoped rifle to COLD ZERO Ammunition, Inc.

- We develop a load that excels for the client's rifle.  This includes, but not limited to the following:  powder type testing, powder charge testing, bullet seating depth testing, primer type testing, ladder testing (velocity) to find the barrel's accuracy node

- Accuracy:  In most cases, 3 shot groups will be 1/2" or less at 100 yards.  It depends on the quality of the rifle and how worn the barrel is.  The test target will be provided to the client.

- The average turnaround for this service is one month.  However, it may take longer due to component availability.

- We adhere to strict component guidelines and reloading equipment for quality assurance purposes.