Private Long-Range Precision Rifle Class

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Private Long-Range Precision Rifle Class

When:  Saturday only at this time, 9am - 5pm

Where:  Lubbock, TX

Distance:  100 yards to at least 1,000 yards

Class Time:  Includes but not limited to Marksmanship, Minute of Angle (MOA), Mil-Dot (MRAD), Adjusting for Distance and Wind, Calling Wind Speed and Direction, etc.

Range Time:  We work with our client(s) to identify marksmanship issues/problems.  We will then make adjustments that provide a more successful and enjoyable shooting experience.  This provide our client(s) with a sound knowledge base and level of success that will last a lifetime.

Maximum Cartridge and Caliber Size Allowed:  338 Lapua Magnum

Round Count:  100 rounds minimum (no full metal jackets, armor piercing, or tracers)

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